Remove Concrete Splatter

What is Concrete Splatter

Concrete splatter is normally a grey or whitish grey blob, splatter, or small dots. Most of the time you can see them with the naked eye. 

Concrete, mortar, and render are all made of similar compounds. The main compounds that cause problems with vehicles are sand and lime. Sand will scratch duco and glass, lime is acidic and will eat into the glass and clear coats. 

At Master Overspray Removalists, we specialize in the removal of concrete splatter to give a flawless look to your car. We are experts and possess the experience and know-how to safely remove concrete splatter from the car without damaging its original look. We only make use of safe techniques to offer an outcome that exceeds your expectations. We begin by determining the concrete splatter to figure out the most effective removal technique. Our methods ensure that only the splatter is removed and your car gets back its original sheen. If you are looking for concrete splatter removal specialists, look no further. Avail our service to restore your vehicle’s original brilliance.

What Causes Concrete Splatter 

Concrete, mortar, and render splatter can fall on your vehicle in many ways. All of these products can be in powdered form where wind, mixed with rain, can blow and set the product on your vehicle. Overspray of these products can come from concrete pumps and also concrete sawing. In multi-level construction, sawing, pumping, and using a concrete bucket can drop concrete onto vehicles below 

How to remove Concrete Splatter

Concrete, mortar, and render have abrasive products in them that will scratch your duco, we do not recommend trying to remove yourself or letting an unqualified person work on your vehicle. These products need to be removed without scratching duco or glass, the acidity of the product needs to be naturalised, so no further damage can occur.  Please call Master Overspray Removalists for a free quote and assessment.