Industrial Fallout

What is Industrial Fallout

Industrial fallout covers many categories, mainly fallout from industries that deal with steal fabrication, rubber, chemicals, petroleum and like products, flour and yeast products and much more.

But it also covers rail way dust, bush fires, and other industrial disasters that damage vehicles. 

Industrial fallout can present itself as small rust like particles, normally from railways and metal fabrication, or a petroleum product that presents as translucent dots on your vehicle. Many companies use acidic products in the food industry and other, this type of fallout is like acid rain on glass and duco. Fire damage, from house and factory fires to bush fires brings all sorts of contaminates in the smoke and soot from the fire. 

How to remove Industrial Fallout 

Industrial fallout is a complex removal process that needs carful and professional assessment. In most cases damage is not just to your vehicle, it can be 10s to 100s to 1000s of vehicles involved. Master Overspray Removalists have dealt with many large public liability claims all over Australia, repairing every vehicle back to its original condition, and we are happy to assist you in the same way.