Car overspray removal being performed near Melbourne

Car Overspray Removal Around Melbourne

What is paint Overspray

Overspray is airborne paint particles that land unwanted on surfaces like your vehicle’s duco, trims, and glass. Overspray can be large enough to see with the naked eye or fine enough where you can only feel the sandpaper like roughness as you run your hands over it. 

There are many types of paint overspray needing different removal techniques. At Master Overspray Removalists, we have seen it all, 2pac paints, epoxy paints, enamel paints, acrylic paints, and powder coating. All can be removed successfully, restoring your vehicle back to its original condition. We offer overspray removal service for vehicles of all makes and models and you can completely count on us for all your needs. Whatever be the type of overspray removal that you require, feel free to get in touch with us.

What causes overspray 

There are many ways that overspray can be caused. Painters use several methods to apply paint, airless and atomised spray painting, roller and paint brush applications. All these methods can cause overspray to drift from their job and land on your vehicle.

In most cases painters don’t intend to cause overspray to drift onto your vehicle. It is normally an accident due to wind, drafts, and very high applications where the drift of overspray can move hundreds of metres, even kilometres from their job. 

Other causes of overspray come from industrial spay booths failing to filter the overspray in the booths and therefore pushing it into the atmosphere from the external exhaust. Again, this is due to faulty filters, broken filters, exhaust fans too powerful for the booth, and sometimes running the booth without filters while cleaning or repair work. 

How to remove overspray?

Overspray removal needs to be left to an overspray removalist expert. Master Overspray Removalists have had 30 year’s experience in overspray removal, repairing vehicles, caravans, boats, houses, even outdoor furniture. 

No job is too big or too small; from large public liability claims to individual claims, we have done it all. Master Overspray Removalists do not recommend attempting any repairs yourself or letting unqualified people work on your property. This, in many cases, results in more damage and more cost. When it come to vehicles, which is the bulk of our clients, we know what we are doing, from the vehicle’s duco, rubbers, plastic trims, wheels, and glass. We remove any overspray of every surface of your vehicle restoring it back to original.