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Car Paint Splatter Removal

What is 'Paint Spills'

Paint Spills and Paint splatter are different from overspray with different applications. Paint spills are normally caused from carrying paint that spills in your vehicle. Sometimes it is intentional, through maliciously throwing the paint in or over a vehicle. Another cause is spillage on the road that you drive over which slashes up under and over your vehicle. 

What is Paint Splatter

Paint splatter is very large splats of paint, again this can be vandalism, paint falling onto your vehicle that causes a splat of paint rather than overspray. 

How to Remove paint spills

Urgent is the word I would use, call Master Overspray Removalists immediately, paint spills need to be repaired while paint has still not cured. Because paint splatters and spills are large amounts of paint we need to remove them as soon as possible to stop any reaction to other parts of the vehicle. 

Most of the time when interiors have paint spills we need to remove the carpets and seats, replace underfelt and check that paint has not affected electronics. We do not recommend you attempt this yourself or have any unexperienced person work of your vehicle. 

Want to remove paint scuff mark from your car?

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At Master Overspray Removalists, we specialize in the removal of paint splatter to restore the original look of your vehicle. We make use of safe and effective techniques to give an impeccable finish to your car and make it look like new. If you want to remove stains from car paint, you are on the right platform. With our experience, we are capable of removing unsightly paint marks from vehicles of all makes and models. For all your needs to remove paint marks from the car, get in touch with us. We assure you of offering a service that you would love to come back to.